• Image of pleaSE ENjoy - Richard " SEEN " Mirando
  • Image of pleaSE ENjoy - Richard " SEEN " Mirando

“Please enjoy”
by Richard”SEEN”Mirando
Only 500 books printed and sold at Seen's 2010 Paris show
29 May, 2010 to 22 June, 2010.
96 page full color book featuring some never before seen work and photographs.
Seen rarely releases printed material and his other print releases are highly valued as well as highly sought after.

A must have for any book collection especially one with such a limited release.
Item will be shipped in padded hard mailer to ensure proper delivery.

Book retracing the career and works of Richard Mirando, known as Seen, and referred to as the "Godfather of Graffiti". Seen along with artists such as Quik, Keith Haring or Obey, was one of the main pioneers in the 70-80's of what was to become a worldwide artistic movement: Graffiti. He started out painting train wagons in the New York subway, when he was but 11 years old, and has now become an internationally renowned graffiti artist, whose work is exhibited from Paris to New York, going via Tokyo or San Francisco. This book offers us quotes and details on the how? and the why?of his works, and is illustrated with numerous photos underlining the talent and versatility of Seen - also a great tattoo artist.

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