• Image of VMD Vector Minded: The Graffiti Therapy Paris Intl Book 2011

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420 pages
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1st edition

The crew VMD (Vector Minded) was founded in the early 90s on the Paris region and now includes forty artists whose Dize , Wire , Akize Street Tera, Turp, Yome, Stane, Poes , Tomek , Moper, Gorze, Crepu and many others; A multi-generational (20 to 40 years) and multidisciplinary group (drawing, painters, graphic artists, music, etc.).

Graffiti level and with more than twenty years of existence, the VMD did not give up the arms. They are as active on the street as in the exhibition halls. It is this world of their own that they share in the book Vector Minded: The Graffiti Therapy .

Composed of hundreds of exclusive and rare photos, the book offers a vision of the inside of the world of the VMD, to better understand their approach and the amplitude of their art. Drawings, tags, graffs, lifestyle, in short all aspects of their passion are put forward in an opus which leaves the beautiful part to the image. Here is the trailer that we concocted the VMD for the occasion:

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