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Another RARE 1st issue release from the ProFreshionalism Vault. Only 1 copy available of this out of print french exhibition catalog available at a steal of a price.

Exhibition Book
Celal Gallery Paris
French Import

Press Release-

Vernissage the 16th of February 2013
from 18:06 to 21:09

"VENGANZA" - Text of the exhibition by Sozyone Gonzalez Graffiti is a revenge that its author savors slowly, patiently, sharing the taste for some justice with other avengers, creating a complex, organized and global network that develops For more than thirty years, in a spirit of struggle against the norms of a system which tends to eliminate the individual and by the desire to be recognized as a universe in itself and not as a satellite and primitive branch of the " contemporary art. Contemporary art is a label, and for some, a quality label, or the term means nothing, it is as absurd as the media and commercial term of street art. What is important in the History of Modern Art is movements, artists and their concepts. This brings us back to contemporary art (or today's art), a symbol of a non-sense run by odds, fairs, auction rooms and galleries. Since the dawn of time, Art has served mankind, it allows us to learn, to discover, to see and to look at the world under a microscope, to analyze lifestyles, epochs, to glorify the gods, To defy the demons, to see the stars as the Sumerians looked at them, to observe the moon like the Greeks, to point fingers and above all to remain human, different, unique and imperfect. With the tools that surround us, and the means given to us, Art depends on those who criticize it, those who die for it and those who put their guts or their balls at the risk of not being understood That too late. Because for a revolution to be possible, it is first necessary to destroy to reconstruct, and not only physically, but above all conceptually. Graffiti is a destructive and radical movement. For many a vandal act and for others, an artistic expression. But in both cases there is an error of perception. Anyone who sees him as a barbarism probably lives in ignorance of what actually surrounds him. Just like the one who would see it as Art, because Art is not in what the author shows, his painting, but in the act, the gesture, the adrenaline and the fury of life . That is why it is impossible to defend the conceptual line of these avengers of the night without knowing their history. The Celal Gallery and 'For Glory' open the doors of Graffiti to us, with a quote from Beaumarchais: 'When dishonor is public, Vengeance must be as well. "

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