• Image of Morning Wood  Gastman  2003 Paperback Out Of Print

Another RARE 1st issue release from the ProFreshionalism Vault. Only 1 copy available of this out of print graffiti exhibition book available at a steal of a price.

320 pages, Paperback, 9'' x 10 1/4'' (230 x 260 mm), 285 color illustrations, English- Morning Wood is all about art on the edge. It features the work of 50 of the world’s current top alternative crea­tors in an incredible compilation that is pure inspiration.

Morning Wood provides a long-awaited forum for well known visionaries like billboard liberator Ron English; the creator of the "Garbage Pail Kids," John Pound; and Sex Pistols art director Jamie Reid. And together with these living legends of the "alternative" art world, Morning Wood also features the latest generation’s brightest artistic and photographic stars such as Espo, Cynthia Connolly, Dalek, Giant, WK Interact and Estevan Oriol to name just a few.

Each artist was given complete freedom to present a selection of his or her best work in four full bleed pages. Current biographies assist in putting this remarkable 21st century art into context.