• Image of Mike GIANT- The Skull Press Compendium 2006

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318 pages
8.5 " x 6"
1st Edition

Between the years 2000-2004 when Skullz Press was active, Mike Giant used his publications as an avenue through which to distribute art works done with his favorite art tool: the marker. This collection from Upper Playground and Fifty 24SF Gallery brings together for the first time the first four zines of Giant’s solo work for Skullz Press, Pagina Vilot, Shim Rot, Flood Bart and Dairy Hicks, and also debuts a new work entitled Passive Moles. The book is filled with Giant's graffiti-, typography-and tattoo-inspired collage imagery & bizarre scenes with crazy demented skulls, goofy drooling guys, religious iconography, tags and much more. It is interesting to see Giant’s style develop through the pages, from the "freestyle" pieces of the early zines to the refined and more labor intensive works of the later works in which the primary piecing style he uses today was debuted. Cool and beautiful, this is a must have for any fan of Giant.

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